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Cassio Chaves Cunha
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Cassio Chaves Cunha

Cassio Chaves Cunha


Travessa Dom Ramualdo de Seixas, 1560 – 19º andar
66055-200 Belém – PA

+55 91 3223-4011


• Recurring litigation
• Civil law and contracts
• Consumer Relations
• Law degree from Paulista University Law School – Institute of Legal Sciences, in 2003
• Extension course in consumer law at the Superior School of Advocacy of São Paulo (ESA/SP)
• Extension course in civil at the Superior School of Advocacy of São Paulo (ESA/SP)
• Postgraduate specialization in environmental constitutional law at the Superior School of Constitutional Law (ESD/ESDC).
• Postgraduate specialization in civil law and civil procedure law at Getulio Vargas Foundation – Rio de Janeiro
• Languages: Portuguese and English
• Member of the Brazilian Bar Association
• Sectional Advisor Member of the Bar Association of Brazil – Sectional of the State of Pará.
• Chairman of the Commission for Relations with the Judiciary of the Brazilian Bar Association – Pará State Section
• More than 12 years of experience in law firms, in the areas of civil, civil procedure and consumer law, and partner in charge of management and planning of the offices in Amazonas, Pará and Rondônia
• Coordinator of Siqueira Castro – Advogados for six years, specialized in litigation, responsible for technical and strategic planning for the firm’s offices in the northern region of the country

• Eleito pela Chamber Latin America com um dos melhores advogados na área de Negócios Regionais: Norte do Brasil




• Author of several articles published in Brazil in the areas of civil, civil procedure and consumer law