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Elisa Gehlen P. B. de Carvalho
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Elisa Gehlen P. B. de Carvalho

Elisa Gehlen P. B. de Carvalho


Rua Mariano Torres, 729 – 5º andar
80060-120 Curitiba – PR

+55 41 3584-7000
+55 41 3584-7099


• Strategic litigation and arbitration
• Civil law and contracts
• Fintechs
• Consumer Relations
• Startups
• Law Degree from Curitiba School of Law
• Postgraduate Specialization in Civil Procedure Law from Romeu Felipe Bacellar Institute, Curitiba, PR
• Postgraduate Specialization in Business Management from Esic Business School, Curitiba, PR
• Languages: Portuguese and English
• Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, Paraná State Chapter (OAB/BR)
• Member of the Committee on Management and Innovation of the OAB/PR
• Member of the Corporate Lawyer Committee of the OAB/PR
• More than 20 years of experience with law firms in the area of litigation, especially involving civil law, civil procedure law and consumer law, representing banks, retailers, telecommunications companies, automotive industries and logistics companies