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Fabricio Zipperer
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Fabricio Zipperer

Fabricio Zipperer


Praça Pio X, 15 – 3º andar
20040-020 Rio de Janeiro – RJ

+55 21 2223-8818


• Labor Law
• Social Security Law

• Law Degree from Catholic University of Paraná Law School (PUC-PR), in 1998
• Specialization in Labor and Labor Procedure Law from Anhanguera University, in 2017
• Languages: Portuguese and English
• Member of the Brazilian Bar Association

• More than 20 years of experience in serving companies in the labor and social security areas, including strategic litigation and legal consulting.
• For 15 years was a partner with the specialized firm in labor law, Paes Manso Advogados Associados, where he was coordinator of the strategic labor litigation team.
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