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Gabriela Miziara Jajah
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Gabriela Miziara Jajah

Gabriela Miziara Jajah


Rua Tabapuã, 81 – 4º andar
04533-010 São Paulo – SP

+55 11 3704-9840
+55 11 3594-0900


• Tax law
• Law Degree from Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) Law School, 2009
• Specialization in Tax Law from the Institute for Teaching and Research (Insper), 2014
• Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish
• Member of the Brazilian Bar Association


• More than 10 years of experience in administrative and judicial tax litigation, with responsibility for managing a portfolio of tax cases
• Tax advice to national and foreign clients in various economic sectors (financial, industrial and services, among others)

• Chosen by The Legal 500 Latin America as one of the best Brazilian tax lawyers


• Author of several articles on tax matters in specialized publications