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Marina de Araujo Lopes
Marina de Araujo Lopes
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Marina de Araújo Lopes

Marina de Araujo Lopes


SCN Quadra 04, Pétala B – Grupo 1303
70714-900 Brasília – DF

+55 61 3424-4100
+55 61 3424-4149


• Compliance, integrity and corporate ethics programs
• Strategic litigation and arbitration
• Constitutional law and governmental relations
• Administrative, regulatory, infrastructure law and PPPs
• Civil law and contracts
• Economic and competition law
• Intellectual property
• Consumer Relations
• Bachelor of Law from Brasília University Center Law School
• LL.M. in Business Law from IBMEC
• Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish



• Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, Federal District Chapter
• Member of the Brazilian Committee of IBRAC
• Member of the Advocacy Committee in the Superior Courts of the Bar Association of Brazil Sectional of the Federal District
• Ten years of experience in business litigation and strategy in the areas of civil, civil procedure, business, administrative and regulatory law, including representation in cases before the highest courts
• Coordinator of the office in Brasília




• Author of various articles published in Brazil in the area of civil procedure law





• Autora de diversos artigos jurídicos publicados no Brasil no campo de Direito Processual Civil